Get Involved

Team Leadership College International is involved in a number of different areas that could all use additional support. Also please keep us in your prayers. Below are some of our larger and ongoing projects otherwise feel free to support individual

Missions and Testimonies

Below is a map of this year’s mission trip that the students of TLCI will be taking during their summer break.


Support Community Programs

Get involved with specific community programs in different villages, towns and cities throughout India. Status updates will be posted quarterly.

Short Term Courses

  Name Duration Description Music 3 months Learn how to read sheet music and play guitar, keyboard and drums. Spoken English 3 Months Learn basic English communication skills required for a job in the service industry.  Spoken Hindi  3 Months  Learn

Long Term Courses

Name Duration Description Diploma in Leadership 2 Year Learn how to become a leader. Bachelor in Leadership 4 Year Learn how to become an even better leader.

Our Staff

The school is run by 9 staff members. Their profiles are coming to this page soon!